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Alora™ Hop Pellets (2023)

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Current AA: 7.9%

Alora™ is best known for her unique oil composition. Alora™ contains over 50% of unidentified total oil uncommon in hop chemistry, Selinene, a sesquiterpene rarely found in hops. This rare chemical trait found in Alora™ contributes to its unique flavor/aroma composition. Selinene is a low volatility compound that imparts distinct citrus character directly into finished beer and can be found in fruits such as Calamondin Oranges and Yuzu Fruit.

In addition to Alora’s™ unique oil composition is the elevated amount of thiol precursors, or more specifically, bound 3MH thiols found in Alora™. 3MH thiols are desired for their aroma/flavor contribution into finished beer. 3MH thiols are responsible for tropical fruit, passion fruit, and citrusy aroma/flavor. Alora™ contains 5X the amount of 3MH precursor thiols than that of Cascade (amount may vary from crop year to crop year).