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Farmhouse English Porter (All-Grain)

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Farmhouse Brewing Supply English Porter All-Grain Kit

Our Farmhouse English Porter is a moderate-strength brown beer with a very low roasted character and bitterness level. Tasting notes for this beer have been described as a low chocolate roasted malty beer with hints of caramel notes. A very drinkable beer with the impression of sweetness.

Yeast is NOT INCLUDED in this kit. Please select from the recommended yeast strains above or choose your own. The most commonly chosen yeast strains are:

Liquid Yeast:

Wyeast 1968 London ESB
Wyeast 1028 London Ale
Imperial House - A01

Dry Yeast:

Lallemand Windsor Ale

Danstar Nottingham,

Specs Based on 72% Efficiency:

S.G  1.054
F.G  1.014
ABV 5.0%
IBU 35

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